How to recover data from USB Flash drives

USB external hard drive, USB flash drive, USB pen drive, etc. All those removable media helps us easily transfer data or store data safely and are well welcomed, while just because most people rush to store their important data on them, the solution to USB drive data recovery no doubt comes to first in case of accident data loss.

Almost everybody uses a USB flash drive to carry vital data with them while doing business all over the world. USB flash drives are easy to use as they are small enough to be carried in a pocket and can plug into any computer with a USB drive. USB flash drives have less storage capacity than an external hard drive, but they are smaller and more durable because they do not contain any internal moving parts. Because of this, data loss in USB flash drive has been common.

Decide if your files are unimportant enough to risk a DIY attempt by downloading a professional USB data recovery software

If your files are too important to risk, you will want to find a flash drive data recovery company. These companies have special hardware and tools designed to repair circuit boards. The more advanced companies have the tools to remove the NAND memory chip from the circuit board in order to extract and unscramble the raw data stored inside.

The prices for data recovery can vary from $20 – $850 based on the severity of damage done to the drive, and the type of recovery required. Some data recovery companies offer solutions for minor to moderate physical/internal damage costing under $200.